Michelle (vanilla_pixie) wrote in az_celebs,

Important Announcement

You may have noticed that I haven't been as punctual as I should be recently. I apologise profusely for this, and can assure you that it's not me just being lazy, or not caring, or anything like that.

I've had a bit of bad luck lately - car accidents, job issues, a death in the family, an accident in the family, etc. On top of that I'm getting married in a little over 4 weeks' time, and my friend is getting married in just 2 weeks' time (yeah, we planned it well, huh?).

So, to keep it short, life is a bit of a nightmare for me!

I've been thinking about what I can do during the next few weeks, when I really need to concentrate on getting everything that I need to do before the wedding done, and getting work issues sorted out too. I didn't want to put the comm on a hiatus.

Once the current challenge (Kate Winslet) is over, I will be releasing several challenges - enough for the number of weeks I will be indisposed (I've seen this done in other challenges before and I think it has worked quite well). When I get back from my honeymoon (mid-October) I will get back on track, as hopefully all the stress will be over (and I'll be feeling human again!).

I hope this is okay with you guys. I really don't want to inconvenience the comm, but I'm struggling with final wedding plans, and I really should be prioritising that right now. :O/

(This will be x-posted in all my comms)
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