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Voting (V: Michael Vartan)

Voting is to be done using screened comments (and may be unscreened if specifically requested for a legitimate reason).

Only a small number of icons again. :O(

->do not vote for yourself
->don't get others to vote for you
->tactical voting is a no-no! Vote fairly. Do not vote just because your friend made it.
->voting ends Thursday at midnight GMT/BST (7pm EST), but may be extended if necessary
->vote using screened comments (rememeber to vote in order of preference as voting is weighted)
->non-members can vote, but anonymous voting will not be counted (and remember the second point above!)
->please join in with the vote, whether you have entered or not. If you have entered, you do not have to vote, owing to the low number of entrants...

Voting example:

1st: 41
2nd: 58


41, 58

(Just remember to vote for 2, in order of preference!)

01// 02//
03// 04//


Challenge W coming up.

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